Vendor Solutions

Omni Logika supports and collaborates with partners implementing their own projects using latest Oracle technologies and products. We bring in-depth application, technical, project management, and process design experience to each engagement, to ensure the best match of systems, people and procedures with customer’s needs.

Our Oracle technology experts support you in all aspects of implementing and maintaining solutions that complies with national and international standards and regulatory mandates in function and process.

Our services address all aspects of the IS implementation process, including business process design, technical architecture management, change management, training, and human resources transition. Once the software has been implemented, we support the full life cycle of upgrade implementation, system optimization, maintenance and modification.

We can, also, offer BMMsoft EDMT Server

EDMTĀ® server is the solution for real-time archiving, indexing, retention, search and cross-analysis of structured data (db records) and unstructured data (emails, files, media). It meets two major needs:

  • Provides fast, real-time Cross-Analysis required in 30% of Litigation eDiscovery cases and by over 70% of Fraud Examinations, Investigations and Audits
  • Provides Petabyte-scalable, cost-effective Consolidated Analytic Archive with Data retention that can support eDiscovery, Audit, Fraud and Risk Investigation

EDMTĀ® server uses most advanced technology to provide unmatched scalability, speed and efficiency :

  • Data scalability: certified to 1 Petabyte(1,000 TB) of data (200 TB on disk)
  • High-speed, real-time ingest and indexing: over 1.5 TB per hour
  • Low data ingest latency: new data indexed and ready for analysis in < 2 seconds
  • Fast search and analysis: cross-search has sub-second response time